Webflow for blogging: 4 steps to getting started

Webflow is a powerful platform for bloggers of all kinds, from in-house marketing teams to independent creators. Here's how to start blogging with Webflow.

We built Webflow specifically for designers and developers who want to bring their ideas to life quickly, beautifully, and responsively. But that doesn’t mean Webflow’s just for the design-savvy. In fact, it’s also a powerful platform for bloggers of all kinds, from in-house marketing teams to anyone who wants to build their brand online.

Why blog with Webflow?

There are all kinds of reasons to blog with Webflow, but these are a few favorites:

1. It’s easy to get started quickly, and learn as you go

As we'll show you in this post, it’s super-easy to start blogging with Webflow.

You’ll start off making minor tweaks to the visual design and content structures, but you’ll soon want to customize more. And Webflow makes for a great learning platform. As you play with the tool and watch our tutorial videos, you’ll be able to turn your blog into a truly custom experience for your readers.

2. Webflow includes an intuitive CMS

To blog quickly and effectively, you really need a CMS (aka, content management system). And while there are a host of options out there, Webflow stands apart for two reasons:

  1. On-page editing. There’s nothing more intuitive than double-clicking some text, and editing it. Right there on the page. It’s like writing and editing on Medium, but you’re actually updating your website. Awesome.
  2. Easily customizable content types. We call our content types “Collections,” and it’s really easy to tweak existing Collections, or make your own from scratch, especially as you get better with the Designer.

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3. It’s SEO-friendly

If you’re serious about blogging, you’ve got to be serious about search-engine optimization (SEO) too. Because that’s how people find the awesome content you produce.

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Thankfully, Webflow will help you rock your SEO by being:

  1. Fast
  2. Cleanly coded
  3. Responsive

Plus, it lets you:

  1. Define your URL structures (which default to a human-friendly, i.e., readable, format)
  2. Auto-generate meta titles, descriptions, and Open Graph (OG) settings based on your content, so you can use fields you’ve already written for metadata, or handcraft them
  3. Add alt tags to images

So, with that out of the way, here’s how to get started blogging with Webflow.

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